Month: January 2018

(Vegan) Tacos on Tour! Inside the Village Taco Pop-up in Sarasota

We’ll drop anything for a vegan adventure. So, when we receive a text message that we “must check out this uber cool, vegan taco pop-up ASAP,” we’re there in a flash. The text came at 8:30pm, and man we’re we glad that it did. We darted over to Shamrock’s Pub in downtown Sarasota just in […]

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Uncle Dom’s Sweet Potato Pizza Recipe

New York is known for its pizza. And let’s be real, a trip to New York City is not complete without a slice. If you didn’t get one, did it even happen? As a melting pot of cultures and culinary masters, the City has some unique takes on vegan pizza. We ate our way through […]

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How Gravity Blanket Changed My Life and My Travels

Sleep. We love it. We need it. It is such a big part of our existence that we spend one third of our lives doing it. Sleep represents a time to relax and recharge. A time to do absolutely nothing but dream. For most, sleeping requires little to no effort. It is an innate skill […]

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