Month: April 2021

Sea Turtle swimming underwater

Educate, then Inspire: Disney’s Rainbow Reef Encourages Everyone to Appreciate Marine Life

“If you experience nature, you start to build a relationship with it, you start to understand it a little. And hopefully, you’ll realize that you are also a part of nature. Not separate from it. And what you do and the choices you make impact all of it and all of us.”- Eric Curtis, Aulani […]

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Epcot entrance at Walt Disney World, Florida

It’s Earth Month, and Disney Reminds Us— It’s a Small World After All

“Conservations isn’t just the business of a few people- it’s a matter that concerns all of us.”- Walt Disney A Disney experience is nothing short of magical. It is awesome is every sense of the word. What makes it even more magical? Walt Disney World is a big player in conversation, sustainability, and green living! […]

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