Toronto Vegan City Guide

A Plant-based Guide to Toronto Travel

Toronto is one of the top vegan destinations in the world. It is a cultural mecca, reminiscent of Miami (but clean. Did we mention clean?). While we love the French influence (and rivalry) of Montreal, Toronto is a diverse melting pot. It is an affordable, friendly city that combines new development with eclectic glamour. And it’s healthy! Almost every store, coffee shop, and restaurant offers fresh, health conscious alternatives. We fell in love the moment we saw the skyline, and we know you will too.

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Toronto in 24: A Vegan City Guide

Few destinations get our mouths watering faster than a trip to Toronto. In this vegan city guide, you’ll discover:

  1. Our favorite parking app
  2. A breakdown of Toronto’s most vibrant neighborhoods
  3. A charming coffee shop that serves much more than coffee…
  4. The city’s prime hotel for artists to stay, gather, and get inspired
  5. A must-see neighborhood for swaggy street art
  6. Breathtaking destinations for vibrant cityscape photography
  7. The best part of Toronto for LGBTQ fun
  8. And much more!

A Look Inside Our Toronto Vegan City Guide

Take a sneak peek at 24 Hours in Toronto by browsing the photos below:

Toronto Vegan City Guide | Travel Photo 2
Toronto Vegan City Guide | Travel Photo 3
Toronto Vegan City Guide | Travel Photo 1

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