Vegan Restaurants | Sedona, Arizona

Top Picks for Vegan Restaurants in Sedona

Sedona is magical for many reasons. It looks like a scene from West World. Vibrant red and orange rock formations paint the bright blue sky. Lush green trees hug the land. Crisp, clean air flows freely across your skin. Somewhere among all of this, the sun, moon and stars play pretty games with the light.

Native American legend identified it as a sacred place. Once you visit, you will too. Sedona is a home and destination for New Age thinkers. You’ll find energy healers, psychics, and star gazers. Some come for enlightenment, adventure, or a healthy dose of peace. Whatever you are seeking, you will find. Vegan restaurants included.

Vegan salad at ChocolaTree Sedona, ArizonaChocolaTree

Restaurant type: Vegan-friendly

The earthiest of earthy in Sedona. You’ll feel like you’ve entered a mini oasis (in an oasis). It started as a chocolate shop that produced raw, organic chocolate. ChocolaTree expanded into an organic market and restaurant, using locally sourced produce and superfoods. It serves dishes that are organic and gluten free.

Why do we love it? Well the food is delicious. Duh. But ChocolaTree’s packaging is also recycled/recyclable, the restaurant supports fair trade practices, and it gives back to the community. What’s not to love?

Reds Restaurant at Sedona Rouge Hotel

Restaurant type: Vegan-friendly

Reds, the recipient of many accolades, is in the gorgeous Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa. Think contemporary Sedona meets gourmet comfort food. Reds has a vegan friendly menu that spans from breakfast to dinner. After your meal, take a walk around the Sedona Rouge. It is a dog friendly site with a Mediterranean flair that is unique to the area. If you grab dinner here, take a glass of wine (or hot tea) and sit outside by the fire pits. You can star gaze for days. Why do we love it? The general manager, Ed Conway, is an absolute gem. He’s always present, greeting guests and making them feel like one of a kind. The live entertainment at Reds is always a big win… and who can forget star gazing at the fire pits?

The Secret Garden Café

Restaurant type: Vegan-friendly

We must be honest, the name hooked us. The Secret Garden Café is a charming restaurant in the Tlaquepaque shops. It has been around for 18 years, making everything daily from scratch. The Secret Garden offers plenty of vegan and gluten free options, as well as patio seating. The café is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We’ll take advantage of that outdoor seating any time of the day. Dining in a secret garden? Yes, please.