Best Vegan Restaurants | Atlanta, Georgia

Top Picks for Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta

Atlanta is known for quite a few things and one of them is food. It only makes sense that we explored the city and created a list of our top picks for the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta. It is an up and coming city that is a melting pot of cultures, lending itself an extensive selection of places to eat. And by places, we mean great places. Great places that are either vegan or vegan friendly. The South might not be synonymous with plant-based cuisine, but trust us, there is a lot of soul in their vegan dishes.

Here is a list of some of the best vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in Atlanta.

True Food Kitchen

Restaurant type: Vegan-friendly

True Food is in Buckhead, attached to Lenox Square Mall. Score! It is one of the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta because it focuses on local, farm fresh ingredients that lend themselves to an anti-inflammatory diet. True Food has vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, and plant-based options. It’s a lively scene with indoor and outdoor seating. True Food is a fantastic place to catch up with friends. Why do we love it? The smashed avocado appetizer and loose leaf tea. Duh.

Krog Street Market

Restaurant types: Vegan and vegan-friendly

We love this food hall in Inman Park for a lot of reasons, one being the cacao tea at Chocolate Shop. It landed on our Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta list because it’s vegan, plant-based, and everything delicious in a cup (or cups because you’ll want more than one) of tea. Krog has a variety of dining options, including an organic vegan juicer called Nature’s Garden Express. It’s a great place to come for casual eats, solo or with a group of varied palates. If you’re looking for a sit-down restaurant, Superica is a Mexican joint that is attached to Krog. It is vegan friendly and always lively in the evenings… aka a great place for tequila. Krog is located along the Beltline.  Catch some of the local street art on the walk from Krog to Ponce City Market.

Ponce City Market

Restaurant types: Vegan-friendly

We are big fans of multi-use buildings, especially those with food halls. Not only is Ponce City Market our favorite in the area, it has some of the best vegan friendly restaurants. It is a three-story building that houses a food hall and retailers. If you’re looking for farm fresh dining and a menu that changes daily, try Farm to Ladle. This counter service restaurant has vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Their salad options are always a win. Lucky Lotus is a vegan juice bar that offers cold pressed juices and raw meals. King of Pops is a gourmet popsicle stand that offers unconventional flavors for vegans. Mercury has a retro feel and Minero is your tacos and tequila spot at Ponce. Noticing a trend? When you’re done eating, head upstairs to Modern Mystic. It’s a modern mystic (shocking, we know) store with gem stones, abundance candles, and tarot cards.


Restaurant type: Vegan-friendly

Ah, yes. Bartaco. We love Bartaco because it is reasonably priced, the food is good, the drinks are great, and it has vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. It also has great guacamole and tequila so, you know, we’re sold. The bartenders are friendly and animated, making bar seating a fun option. We like to people watch here, mostly because of the Tinder first dates. There are a few locations around Atlanta, but we’re partial to the locations at Inman Park and Chastain Park.

Café Sunflower

Restaurant type: Vegan

Café Sunflower has been around for almost 20 years, as a pioneer of vegan, plant-based dining in Atlanta. It is one of the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta because it is an OG. It has a rustic modern feel and a menu that is both creative and exciting. Mushroom scallops? Yes, please. Café Sunflower offers vegan catering for holidays as well. Your guests can think that you cooked it. We won’t tell.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Buckhead

Don’t miss out on new vegan restaurants in Buckhead!

Atlanta is a big city. Know a place that isn’t on our page? We would love to hear which vegan restaurants in Atlanta are you favorite. Post a photo and tag/hashtag @the_electric_soul for a chance to be featured!