Vegan Vacations

Ideas for Your Next Vegan Vacay

Whether you have wanderlust or you just need a serious break from everyday life, a vacation is the best cure. More specifically, a vegan vacation. You might be asking yourself, OK, but what is a vegan vacation?

A vegan vacation comes in many forms.  Some of those include:

  • Vegan retreats
  • Vegan friendly cities
  • Well planned trips to make your experience vegan friendly
  • A group of vegans that go on vacation together
  • Any combination of 1-4

If you choose 4, we hope that you have matching shirts for the group… or visors. Please post photos and #theelectricsoul. This is purely for our enjoyment.

Vegan Retreats

Vegan retreats range from wellness travel to volunteer trips at animal sanctuaries. We’re huge fans of animal rescue so we’ve included a link to some of the top animal rescue travel experiences from Responsible Travel.

Vegan-Friendly Cities

Vegan vacations can focus on vegan friendly cities. These cities have a large vegan community and accommodate plant-based eating. They might also have a strong community focused on animal rescue. For some serious inspiration, check out our picks for the best vegan cities.

Planned Trips (to not-so-vegan-friendly places)

Sometimes vacation destinations aren’t always vegan friendly. For example, your family picked the destination and the city’s idea of vegan is an iceberg lettuce salad. Yes, we’ve experienced it numerous times and yes, our eyes rolled (see our Vegan Travel Essentials page to prepare for such a crisis). Planning is key in these situations. Do some research to help you find places that are willing to accommodate a vegan lifestyle. The city might not be vegan friendly, but a few restaurants could be. We suggest using vegan focused blogs, influencers, and social media.

Vegan Group Trips

We love this idea for many reasons. Mostly, the matching visors or t-shirt idea. Jokes aside, traveling with like-minded individuals can make things infinitely easier. Everyone agrees that the restaurants should be vegan or vegan friendly. No need to explain that an iceberg salad and fries is not an ideal meal. (Side note: We love fries, but one can only have so many.) Grab a group of friends and hit some of our favorite vegan cities. Spread that electric love!

We’ve found that research and planning is essential when it comes to vegan travel. The Electric Soul has some stellar ideas for destinations, but we’d love to hear some of your favorites. Drop us a line or #theelectricsoul and tag us in your photos. Happy adventures!

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