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Jetsetter Essential Oils Travel Kit | 100% Pure & Vegan

This kit was designed as the ultimate jetsetter’s travel buddy. It contains the top oils to enhance the travel experience. It will minimize packing (yes, they’re TSA approved), while addressing the various obstacles of travel.


5 Thieves- Stay healthy with the oil of all oils. We’re exposed to a lot when we travel. Keep your body and hotel in tip top shape. Thieves is a mix of some of the strongest antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory oils out there.

  • Strengthens immune system. Rub on the bottom of your feet, on your chest, or ingest to prevent illness.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Use to clean cuts, prevent infections, and clear up acne.
  • Eases fever. Riding into your vacation with a fever? Catch one at the tail end? Use Thieves to ease those symptoms.
  • Boosts digestion. New foods, jetlag, and stress affect digestion. Use to calm your stomach and aid in digestion.
  • Reduces headaches. Take a drop to ease the tension.
  • This oil doubles as mouthwash with its antimicrobial properties.
  • Hand sanitizer. Create use a roller to combine with a carrier oil and create a custom hand sanitizer.
  • Home cleaner. Use to wipe down seat and trays on the plane, disinfect your Airbnb/hotel.
  • Must dilute.

Brain Power- Traveling requires a lot of brain power. There is planning, packing, tours, reservations, transportation, and time change to name a few. Brain Power will recharge your brain for tasks ahead.

  • Increases focus. Spending a day in museums? On a tight schedule? Use Brain Power to amp up your focus.
  • Enhances mental clarity. Out on a scene tour? Be on top of your photo game.
  • Clears mental fog. Jet lag get to use? Use this oil to whisk away that fog.

Destress- Where you’re stressed from traveling or just need to unwind, this oil is perfect.

  • Calm anxiety. This oil is great if crowded places and planes make you feel anxious.
  • Use this to unwind from a long day.
  • Ease jetlag. Up at 4am because of an insane time change? This oil will lull you back to sleep.
  • Release tension. Mental or physical tension will melt away with Destress.
  • Muscle relief. Crampy from sitting on a train? Hiked Mount Kilimanjaro? Destress will provide relief to the achiest of muscles.

Peppermint- Peppermint is one of the most versatile and essential travel oils. It is a multipurpose oil that is a must have when traveling.

  • Increase alertness. Studies have shown that peppermint oil increases performance and mental acuity.
  • Ease jetlag. Rub on your temples and under your nose to alleviate the effects of jet lag.
  • Relieve sore muscles. Use on your muscles if you walked around the city or tried a local workout class.
  • This oil works as a natural mouthwash.
  • Breath freshener. If you’re eating your way around the city, use peppermint to freshen up.
  • Ease digestive issues. Rub a little on your stomach, behind your ears, on your temples, and take a drop to relieve nausea and stomach pain.
  • Must dilute.


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