MamaSezz Vegan Meal Delivery Review 2021

MamaSezz Vegan Meal Delivery: Is It Worth It?

MamaSezz change your food, change your life. MamaSezz is a 100% plant-based delivery service that believes in delicious food without the “B.S.” And while most people are initially drawn in by colorful food pictures and menus, it’s the company’s story that really caught our eye. We are excited to share our MamaSezz Vegan Meal Delivery Review 2021 with you. Rhyme intended.

MamaSezz is inspired by the mother, Millie, of co-founder Meg Donahue. Millie became very ill, so her family shifted to a plant-based diet. Their health improved with the dietary change, inspiring MamaSezz vegan meal delivery service.

MamaSezz is endorsed by and collaborates with organizations such as the American Institute of Cancer Research. That’s a big vote of confidence, which made is really excited to taste test the MamaSezz menu.

MamaSezz Membership Overview

  • 100% Vegan
  • Starting at: $129
  • Price per Serving: $18.43
  • Frequency: Weekly/Biweekly
  • Pre-made meals
  • Promotions: Varied. See for details!


| Excellent

Hungryroot subscriptions start at $59, which is a tad steep compared to other competitors. However, Hungryroot is still much more affordable than most other services. For example, average price per serving is $9.99, making it one of the best priced delivery services on a per-serving basis.


| Excellent

Ever walk into a grocery store and feel overwhelmed by the possibilities? Hungryroot is like that, minus the anxiety. Everything is sourced from local grocers, making menus and recipes are extremely varied. Plus, you can always spice things up by adding extra ingredients to your delivery.

Ease of Use

| Excellent

Hungryroot is a nice hybrid between meal and grocery delivery service. You pick the meals, and Hungryroot takes care of delivering all the fresh ingredients. We found this service incredibly straight forward and easy to use.

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Sign Up, Meal Selection, & Delivery

Signing up for MamaSezz is easy and hands-on. You can choose a meal bundle or order a-la-carte with a recurring or one-time order. The bundles are a-la-carte as well and work on a turnip system. Think of the turnips as points. The meal bundles have a turnip total and each item is labeled as a certain number of turnips. You select items until you reach your turnip total.

For example, the “getting started” price of $129 gets you 21 turnips. Some things are 3 turnips, like meals and entrees. Other menu items are just 2 turnips, like sauces. It might seem confusing, but it’s pretty straight forward once you sign up and start selecting your meal bundle.

Next, schedule your delivery. Note orders must be submitted by 8 PM E.T. on Sunday in order to be delivered on Thursday or Friday of the following week.

MamaSezz Menu: Entrees, Sides, & More

MamaSezz meals are whole food, organic, gluten-free, free from pesticides, and refined sugars. The service has a huge variety of options to choose, including burgers, pastas, vegetable dishes, soups, granola, and sides. The meals are ready to eat, flavorful, hearty, and creative.

Recommendation: Some have a higher calorie count, so if you’re watching calories, you might want to choose the weight loss or SOS (sugar-free and oil free) bundles. We found some of the meals to be on the heavier side, which is something to keep in mind when ordering.

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Price: Is It Worth It?

MamaSezz offers a la carte options as well as bundles. Bundles can be ordered as subscriptions or as a one-off delivery.

  • Starting at: $129 (significantly higher than $75.35, the median price for other services)
  • Price per Serving: $18.43 (also significantly higher than $11.99, the median price for other services)
  • Frequency: Weekly (this is most common)
  • Free Shipping

MamaSezz starts at $129, making it the third most expensive meal delivery service of the programs we reviewed in 2021. However, quality ingredients, flexibility, and a respected mission come with that price. Free Shipping is a great perk, especially at this premium price point.

Delivery Review

As we mentioned, MamaSezz only delivers on Thursday or Friday if the order is placed by 8 PM E.T. on the prior Sunday. This is a little restrictive compared to other services like Purple Carrot and Sunbasket. While reviewing those companies, we found them to be more flexible in terms of scheduling your delivery time.

The delivery setup is certainly not a deal breaker, though. We scheduled our delivery for Thursday so we could enjoy our meals before/during the weekend.

Overall, no complaints on the delivery. It was fulfilled by FedEx, and they are almost always reliable in our area. Plus, FedEx has great customer service and is good about issuing credits for damaged deliveries—not that we needed it. Everything arrived on time and neatly packaged.

One important thing to note: Everything keeps well, except for the cornbread. We didn’t try any, but it’s one of the few items that won’t stay fresh if frozen.

Recommendation: Keep delivery in mind while selecting your meal bundle. We didn’t find many menu items that had special storage instructions, but it’s always best to be on the lookout for that kind of info. Plan accordingly, and remember to make some room in your refrigerator or freezer as needed!

Overall Food Tastes, Flavors, & Textures

We found MamaSezz meals to be both flavorful and hearty. Emphasis on the hearty. No one likes a meal kit that doesn’t fill you up. Not the case with MamaSezz. We enjoyed the flavor profiles of the meals and felt full afterward.

If you’ve never tried vegan or plant based food before, we think you’ll love it. There’s a little something for everyone on the menu. Compared to other meal delivery services, MamaSezz has a home-cooked feel that we love. It feels more like a home cooked meal than a “pre made” one.

Tip: Keep in mind that the taste might be a little different than what you are used to if this is your first time with cleaner eating. Give it a little time and your tastebuds will quickly adjust.

Sustainability & Giving Back

We were excited to learn MamaSezz has real initiatives in place to take care of the planet! For example, the company has a zero-waste facility where you can return your packaging and boxes to be recycled or reused. The service even provides the tape and labels to make it even easier to help reduce waste.

MamaSezz: The Bottom Line

MamaSezz is ideal for people new to plant-based eating, families looking for healthier meals, and busy, health-conscious individuals. And since it has a home-cooked feel, we think it could be a great option if you have plant-based family in town for the holidays.

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Looking for something that’s a little more hands-on?

Then we recommend going with a company like Purple Carrot or Sunbasket. Both offer do-it-yourself meal kits that guide you through the process of cooking your very own plant based meals.

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