Essential Oils for Motion Sickness

Blurry photo of man with motion sickness at train stationThe thrill of an adventure is on the horizon, as is the potential for motion sickness. Motion sickness can throw a wrench in your travels. It can knock you out for a few days and prevent you from engaging in other activities. Motion sickness could be so intense that it could prevent you from traveling all together. Don’t let it stop you from hopping on a plane, taking a jungle cruise, or heading out on a safari. With a little preparation and an essential oil tool kit,

What is Motion Sickness?

Motion sickness occurs when your senses are not in agreement.

Part of your system- eyes, sensory receptors, inner ear- sense conflicting signals. Your inner ear might sense that you are moving, but your eyes do not. This often occurs on boats, trains, planes, and rides.

Symptoms of Motion Sickness

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Shallow breathing
  • Loss of appetite

Prevention and Treatment of Motion Sickness

Prescription and over the counter medications for motion sickness can leave you drowsy and tired. However, there are several natural remedies that will fight motion sickness without knocking you on your butt.

  • Acupressure: Acupressure can be used to relieve nausea and motion sickness. The point is located inside the forearm. Measure about two thumbs from your wrist crease, between your two tendons. Press firmly as the point is located deep beneath the skin. Acupressure wristbands were created for travelers that experience nausea and motion sickness. The band pressure this acupressure point.
  • Ginger: Eating raw ginger, drinking ginger tea, or consuming ginger chews can help ease the symptoms of motion sickness.
  • Fresh air: Find fresh air and breathe slowly.
  • Stable object: Focus on a stable object. This will help you balance and relax.
  • Essential oils: Our favorite natural remedy for motion sickness are essential oils. Essential oils for motion sickness can be placed on specific points on the body or diffused to prevent and ease symptoms.

Essential Oils for Motion Sickness

Essential oils are one of the best (and our favorite) remedies for motion sickness. They are travel friendly, versatile, and work immediately. Essential oils are effective, without the unwanted side effects of medications. Using essential oils for motion sickness will not leave you feeling drained, groggy, or sleepy. The oils that you use for motion sickness can also be used for other travel concerns, such as stress, immunity, and performance.

Best Essential Oils for Motion Sickness

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is a fantastic oil to have on hand when traveling. It is versatile and powerful. Lavender relaxes the body and mind. It is a great oil to use when motion sickness triggers anxiety or stress. Use it to prevent and relieve symptoms.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is another oil that is necessary when traveling. It has a wide range of uses and is key when it comes to motion sickness and associated symptoms. Peppermint oil eases nausea and upset stomach, while relieving headaches. It can be used to prevent the onset of motion sickness, or used during to relieve symptoms.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is a must have travel aid, especially when it comes to preventing motion sickness with essential oils. It may relieve nausea and stomach cramps by relaxing the stomach muscles. Additionally, it is a powerful astringent and reduces anxiety. The earthy, grounding scent of Frankincense will help you relax and sleep off any remaining motion sickness.


Cinnamon oil is effective in fighting motion sickness. The oil is used for digestive related issues. Cinnamon eases nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, upset stomach, and vomiting. It may also relieve headaches associated with motion sickness.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon oil can be used to fight the symptoms of motion sickness. It is a calming oil that relieves nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and nervousness that is brought on by motion sickness. Lemon oil is a primary oil for stomach issues. It eases cramps and an upset stomach.

5 Thieves Essential Oil

5 Thieves is a blend of clove, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon, and eucalyptus oils. It is one of the oldest and most used of essential oils. Thieves is an essential travel oil because it boosts the immune system with its antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antiviral properties. 5 Thieves can be powerful for motion sickness because it is comprised of some of the best oils to fights indigestion, nausea, and cramping. The combination of oils in 5 Thieves are the most potent for digestive related issues. They reduce irritability of the gastric system, including vomiting and bloating. Lemon oil relieves cramps and acidity. Rosemary and Clove are known for their effect on the digestive track. Eucalyptus can relieve muscle pain associated with motion sickness. Cinnamon addresses upset stomach and vomiting.

Essential Oil Travel Kit

Essential oil travel kits have been our secret travel weapons. They go wherever you go, whenever you go. Having these kits on hand will help make your travels more enjoyable. They are compact and portable, making them ideal for life on the go.

The Guru: Essential Oils Designed to Prevent Motion Sickness

Guru Essential Oils KitBy definition, a guru is an expert or authority. Be the guru of your own travel experience with the Guru Essential Oil Travel Kit.

Know that you’re armed with the best tools to make the best of your adventures. The Guru was designed for the health-conscious travelers. These travelers know that preparation is key. They are prepared for different obstacles that travel might throw at them, such as motion sickness. All oils are pure, therapeutic grade.

5 Thieves

5 Thieves is a blend of rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, clove, and cinnamon oils. It is a potent blend to fight the symptoms of motion sickness. It also can be used to ward off bacteria and germs from planes, trains, and other public places. Rub on the bottom of your feet, chest, forehead, neck, behind the ears, abdomen, and temples. Diffuse for added relief or if there is skin sensitivity. Must dilute.


Peppermint can be placed in various spots to relieve motion sickness symptoms. Areas include the temples, behind the ears, abdomen, and under the nose. Peppermint may be used to prevent the onset of motion sickness symptoms. Apply prior to the activity that might induce motion sickness. A few drops of the oil can be added to drinking water. Diffuse for added relief or if there is skin sensitivity. Must dilute.


Lavender has a scent that is balancing and relaxing. When motion sickness throws you off balance, lavender will bring you back to center. It calms the body, relieving anxiety and stress brought on by motion sickness. Place a few drops in your hands, briskly rub together, cup hands over nose and inhale. Lavender can be placed on the abdomen or behind the ears to relieve nausea. A small drop may be placed on the tongue for nausea and vomiting relief.


Frankincense is a powerful oil for motion sickness relief. It can be applied, inhaled, or ingested.  It will ease stomach cramps and nausea, while calming stress and anxiety associated with motion sickness. It may be applied to the abdomen, under the nose, behind the ears, on the temples, or the forehead. Add a drop to honey, tea, or water for extra relief. The earthly, relaxing scent of Frankincense will help bring the sense back into alignment. Rub a few drops between the palms or diffuse.

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