Bowl of Japanese miso with Shiitake mushrooms.

5 reasons vegans should ‘shroom out with Shiitakes

Few countries have left a bigger mark on our hearts than Japan. And when it comes to the Land of the Rising Sun, few cities are more vegan-friendly than Okinawa. Okinawa is comprised of more than 150 islands sprinkled off the southern coast of the Japan. There, tropical island life is good. Life expectancy is […]

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European Travel Reopens July 1st—But Not to Americans

The European Union is reopening travel throughout all member countries beginning July 1st. However, certain countries will be barred from entering due to concerns over rising coronavirus cases. If you’re from the States and were looking forward to a trip across the pond this summer, you’ll be disappointed to learn America is on that list. […]

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Disney Springs is Open and Serving Vegan Cookie Dough Desserts!

Goodbye, lockdown—and hello Disney Springs! It’s a strange time to be a traveler. As U.S. cities have begun to lift COVID-19 restrictions, we decided it was a perfect time to take a road trip to Disney Springs. Initially, we didn’t plan on “working” (we were much more focused on procuring some vegan sweets from Goofy’s […]

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Mother and daughter in kitchen baking vegan cookies.

Capture some Disney magic with this Vegan Cookie Fries recipe!

Disney just released their coveted recipe for vegan cookie fries. And in this time of coronavirus quarantine, we can’t think of a more perfect lifeline. Disney parks and resorts have long been known for their themed restaurants and cafes. Recently, the park has made headlines (and lots of smiles) by announcing most restaurants and parks […]

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