Splendid Spoon Vegan Meal Delivery Review 2021

Splendid Spoon Review: Is It Worth It?

Splendid Spoon serves up ready-to-eat vegan meals with plant-based soups, smoothies, noodles, and grain bowls. In our Splendid Spoon Review, we break down if it is worth it. The vegan meal delivery service has bright and flavorful meals with an emphasis on company culture and community outreach. Our Splendid Spoon Vegan Meal Delivery Review 2021 will help you decide if it is right for you.

One of the first things we noticed during our Splendid Spoon review is the membership price. It’s affordable to get started, and all vegan meals are totally plant-based. Immediately, we’re thinking  value as we review the Splendid Spoon menu.

Speaking of vegan meal menu, we were very happy to see so much diversity. And since Splendid Spoon is a 100% plant-based company, we could browse the entire menu without being limited to only a handful of vegan options. If you’ve ever reviewed a vegan meal delivery company and felt disappointed by the lack of plant-based options, you know what we’re talking about!

So, is this perfectly-named meal delivery service worth it? Let’s review!

Splendid Spoon Overview

  • Starting at: $65
  • Price per Serving: $13
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • 100% Plant-Based & Gluten Free
  • Pre-made Meals Only: Heat ‘n Eat!
  • Flexible Delivery Scheduling
  • Promotions: Varied. See SplendidSpoon.com for details!


| Very Good

Starting Splendid Spoon at $65 is more than reasonable, and it’s below the median starting price of similar delivery services that were reviewed. However, the average price per serving is slightly higher than most at $13. While we want to give Splendid Spoon a 5 here, the higher price per serving knocks things down to a 4.


| Excellent

Splendid Spoon has a… splendid collection of 100% plant-based meals (we couldn’t help ourselves). Smoothies, grain plates, and even noodle bowls are just a few of the options available. We especially like the “Reset” collection, which features light fare designed for rebooting your system with nutritious and nourishing meals.

Ease of Use

| Excellent

Splendid Spoon is one of those companies that just keeps things simple. And we love it. The website is intuitive, signing up is easy, and managing your membership is straight-forward. Best of all, Splendid Spoon is entirely plant-based. That’s especially valuable for beginners who aren’t used to finding the 100% vegan options on an omnivorous menu.

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How It Works

Signing up:

Splendid Spoon signup is straightforward and easy. You pick your plan and they deliver. The program offers the following meal plans:

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Reset
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Reset
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

Here’s what each meal plan includes:

  • Breakfast contains 5 smoothies
  • Lunch has 5 grain/soup bowls
  • Dinner has 5 noodle bowls
  • Reset has 5 light soups.

After your first delivery, you can customize your plan and edit the number of meals you receive for each mealtime. Unlike competitors like Sunbasket, Trifecta, and Green Chef, Splendid Spoon is all-vegan. That means you’ll have access to everything on the menu, front to back. That’s over 50 options of meals!

Selecting Meals:

Meals from Splendid Spoon are packed with protein, while maintaining their non-GMO and no artificial sweeteners mission. The smoothies are colorful with creative flavors. The soups and bowls are hearty and delicious. Splendid Spoon are meals are healthy, ready to eat meals, ranging from breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The smoothie flavors and fall menu were a big selling point for us. Pumpkin Spice, Min Chip, Coffee Frappe, and Coconut Lime are a few that we loved. Meals last 1-2 weeks in the fridge and 1-3 months on the freezer.

Scheduling Delivery:

Currently, Splendid Spoon delivers on Wednesday and Fridays through FedEx, AxleHire, CDL, and Ontrac. Meal boxes can be left at your front door, but the company recommends having someone receive the items so they can be placed in the freezer or fridge immediately. The meals are delivered chilled and are shipped with recyclable Climacell insulation and dry ice.

Orders for Wednesday delivery must be placed by the previous Thursday at 4 PM ET. Orders to be delivered on Friday must be placed by the previous Sunday at 4 PM ET.

Our recommendation: Schedule delivery for when someone can be home to receive it. You don’t want to risk something happening to your meals while you are away from home.

Do Splendid Spoon Meals Taste Good?

There is something fun and playful about the Splendid Spoon website and it translates to their recipes. Smoothie flavors are exciting and delicious. Pumpkin Spice, Min Chip, Coffee Frappe, and Coconut Lime are a few of their flavors that we enjoyed. The soup flavors range from pumpkin pear bisque to butternut squash ratatouille. The grain bowls have a hearty flavor to them, while the noodle dishes are globally inspired. Splendid Spoon has a fall menu that incorporates our favorite fall flavors!

Social Proof: See What Customers Are Cookin’ on Instagram

Is Splendid Spoon Expensive Compared to Other Delivery Services?

Here is how Splendid Spoon pricing compares to other competitors in 2021 (at the time of this writing):

  • Starting at: $65 (cheaper than $75.35, the median price for other services)
  • Price per Serving: $13 (in-line with $11.99, the median price for other services)
  • Frequency: Weekly (this is most common)
  • Free Shipping

Splendid Spoon meals are pretty affordable, especially considering shipping is free. Many vegan meal delivery companies don’t offer shipping deals. Some don’t even ship nationwide. So, the fact Splendid Spoon ships nationwide for free is a big perk.

Does Splendid Spoon Do Anything to Give Back?

Splendid Spoon is dedicated to the external environment as well as the internal environment of their company. They took a beat to reevaluate opportunities and inclusivity of their company and the company culture. Splendid Spoon gives back by donating of 5,500 meals to FoodLove, $12,000 to God’s Love We Deliver, and 1,100 meals to Healthy Women Healthy Families.

Check out their website for an even more detailed look at ways Splendid Spoon gives back to the community.

Splendid Spoon Review: The Bottom Line

Splendid Spoon is good for busy people who want to eat healthy while exploring a vegan diet. If you are looking to add even more fresh fruits and veggies to your life, we recommend checking out a company like Daily Harvest also. We awarded Daily Harvest the Best On-the Go plant-based membership option for 2021, mostly for the wide range of menu options and exceptionally fresh flavors.

But if you want to try a plant-based meal delivery service without spending too much, Splendid Spoon might be for you. Excellent pricing, flavorful menu items, and good customer service are just 3 reasons to give Splendid Spoon a try!

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