Sakara Vegan Meal Delivery Review 2021

Sakara Vegan Meal Delivery: Is It Worth It?

Unleash your holistic goddess or god with vegan meal delivery from Sakara. The whole-foods, plant rich diet feeds your spirit. Sakura vegan meal delivery is a chic service that provides organic, all natural, gluten-free, and clean meals. Sakara is luxury meal delivery which feels like the Goop of the vegan meal delivery programs. Our Sakara Vegan Meal Delivery Review 2021 will help you decide if this service is aligned with your chakras.

Know this going in: You won’t get started for less than $119 for 4 meals. Of all the vegan subscriptions and meal delivery companies we reviewed in 2021, Sakara is the most high end. At $29.75 per meal, it’s about 3x more than other eat-clean vegan subscriptions like Purple Carrot and Trifecta.

That said, Sakara has rave reviews. This more-for-more value proposition clearly resonates with a lot of customers.

Pay more, get more. That’s always the proposition for high end products and services. And when you look at the landscape of vegan meal delivery companies, Sakara definitely falls at the higher end of things.

In this review, we’ll look at everything from sign-up to meal delivery and taste.


| Good

There’s no way around it– Sakara is by far the most expensive meal delivery company reviewed. Minimum starting price of $119 gets you just 4 meals, which comes out to about $29.75 per meal. The company charges a premium for “food as medicine”, which could be worthwhile if you have room in your budget for a next-level approach to food and wellness.


| Good

Good variety. Every recipe is fresh, clean, and packs a serious flavor profile. Did we mention it’s great for you? Sakara is at the top of its class when it comes to nutrient-dense meals. However, we gave this would-be 4 a 3 because all meals are pre-selected for you. So while there’s variety across their menu, you might be left feeling limited.

Ease of Use

| Excellent

Despite pre-selected meals, Sakara is one of the easiest programs we reviewed. Their website is sleek, sign up is easy, and we experienced zero issues in terms of delivery or service. Of course, you expect that kind of thing when you pay a premium for a product or service. In short, Sakara delivers (no pun intended).

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Signing Up with Sakara

Sakara allows the flexibility to pick your preferred delivery date. We like this concept because everyone has a different schedule and choosing the delivery date makes it a more fluid experience.  You can choose from a preset menu of three-day and five-day options that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sakara also offers supplements and detox teas as ad-ons, such as Metabolism Super Powder. We think the add-ons are a great option and something unique in the vegan meal delivery space. This is where that more-for-more value comes in.

Meal Variety and Selection

Sakara puts a lot of thought into their meals. The meals are designed by a team of chefs and nutrition experts as natural, clean, and gluten free. Meals arrive fully prepared and are comprised of high quality, organic ingredients. The menu is predesigned, and when they arrive, they are labeled for the day.

Sakara does not allow substitutions, but it does allow for allergy modifications. That won major points in our book due to our own allergies! The quality of the meals is excellent and everything arrives fresh and colorful.

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Pricing Review

With the top quality ingredients and luxury experience, the price point of Sakara is higher than other meal delivery programs. It’s the most expensive of the programs that we reviewed, with a minimum starting price of $119.

This is how Sakara pricing compares to other meal delivery services and memberships:

  • Starting at: $119 (much higher than $75.35, the median price for competitors)
  • Price per Serving: $29.75 (much higher than $11.99, the median price for competitors)
  • Frequency: Weekly (this is most common)
  • Value-add perks: Meals are designed by food experts, modified according to allergies, and supplements are available

Depending on your budget, this could be the type of program you use every once in a while to reset your system. Some call it life changing and worth every penny.

Delivery Review

Sakara meals are delivered on your preferred day to your front door. They arrive in recyclable plastic containers surrounded by bags of ice to maintain freshness. Everything about the presentation is beautiful, even the labels. Speaking of which, the meals are labeled for each day to avoid confusion.  We appreciate the thought put into the presentation and the flexibility in picking the delivery day.

Meal and Taste Review

The fresh, colorful ingredients and unique sauces make the meals exciting to try. Sakara meals are designed to realign your relationship with healthy food and the meals do just that. We loved trying the different flavors and combinations. We consider ourselves well versed in plant-based fare, but Sakara landed some thrilling surprises on us. Coconut bacon was one of them. And yes, it tasted delicious. Most of the meals are very flavorful, depending on your preferences.

Sustainability and Give Back Programs

Sakara believes in saving the planet through plants. They are dedicated to sustainability through the produce and packaging they use, the decision they make. Sakara carefully plans out ordering to reduce food waste. The unused ingredients are donated or composted with partners such as City Harvest, Wilenta Feed, and Roho Compost. Sakara sources imperfect foods that are perfect for eating but declined by grocery stores.

Sakara’s packaging is made of post-consumer recycled materials that are curbside recyclable and #1 in PET plastic meal containers. Their liners are made from 100% recycled paper and corn, which we thought was unique and resourceful.

Sakara has a page dedicated to their sustainability efforts, as well as a page dedicated to recycling instructions. For more details, check out their website.

Sakara Vegan Meal Delivery Review: The Bottom Line

Sakara is good for someone who is looking for a holistic reboot, or someone who wants to treat themselves to a luxury vegan spa-like experience. It will definitely change your relationship with plant-based eating, and give your gut a serious restart.

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