Food Flo Vegan Meal Delivery Review 2021

If you are based in Los Angeles or Orange County, check out Foodflo’s vegan meal delivery service!

This 100% plant-based company was ranked as one of the best delivery services in LA by VegNews, Women’s Health Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, and PETA. Meals are designed weekly by Chef Flo and her team.

Food Flo Membership Overview

  • 100% Vegan
  • Starting at: $113.05
  • Price per Serving: $18.84
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Pre-made meals—with alkaline water!
  • Promotions: Varied. See for offers!


| Good

FoodFlo is one of the more expensive services reviewed, coming in at $113.05 to get started. We recommend reviewing the menu to make sure it aligns with your preferences.


| Good

FoodFlo has good variety, but new customers should know it’s Chef’s Choice. That means recipes are chosen by the chef and change each week.

Ease of Use

| Very Good

This sign up process was a little confusing as to how many meals and servings sent with each order. That said, we think the overall experience was very good.

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How it works

Sign up:

Choose from two meal packages: The Reboot weekly meal packs or the Restore 4 week package. The Reboot offers weekly meal delivery that serves 6-18+ meals with a menu that changes weekly. Once you choose your package, you will select your location, size, and enter notes regarding any food allergies or requests.

The Reboot

The Reboot offers small, large, and family size packages. The sizing is as follows:

Small: Serves 6+ meals. Three main courses with one of each entrée plus a side dish, 2 side salads, with one of each salad, and 1 Soup with 2 servings.

Large: Serves 9+ meals. Six main courses, 2 of each entrée plus side dish, 2 side salads, 1 soup that includes 2 servings.

Family:  Serves 18+ meals and is 2x the Large package. Twelve main courses, four of each entrée plus side dish, 4 side salads with 2 of each, and 2 soups with 2 servings each.

The Restore

Small: Serves 6+ meals weekly. Three lunch/dinners with 1 of each entrée plus side dish, 2 side salads, and 1 soup with 2 servings.

Large: Serves 9+ meals weekly. 6 lunch/dinners, 2 side salads, and 1 soup with 2 servings.

Add-ons such as juices, alkalizing drinks, desserts, and snacks can be added to your order as well.

Orders must be placed by 6 PM on Saturday for guaranteed Sunday delivery in LA and OC counties. Orders placed after the deadline may be delivered the following week.

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Meal Review

Foodflo meals are 100% plant-based, gluten free, free of refined sugars, and low in fat. Since opening in 2012, Foodflo has prepared every meal with alkaline water to ensure pH balance in their food.

Foodflo is conscious of food allergies and allows for substitutions in their meals, with the exception of onion, garlic, and nuts. Contact them prior to placing your order to adjust according to your allergies.

Pricing Review

FoodFlo is one of the more expensive services reviewed, coming in at $113.05 to get started. That includes just 6 meals, making the average cost per meal about $18. We recommend taking a close look at the menu prior to starting with FoodFlo to make sure the juice is worth the squeeze.

Delivery Area

There is no minimum for delivery with Foodflo. The company has a flat rate for delivery in LA and OC counties. Foodflo charges $15 for your first cooler bag in which food is delivered. The bags are exchanged with each week’s delivery and should be placed outside your door the night before your next delivery. If you do not continue the service, you can keep the cooler bag.

Taste and Menu Review

Foodflo meals are designed and cooked by Chef Flo and her team. The meals are flavorful, unique, light, and healthy. The produce is fresh and the flavors pop. Each meal is as delicious as it looks. We appreciate a new menu every week, giving users the opportunity to try different dishes.

Giving Back

Foodflo is eco-conscious with its plant-based ingredients and re-use of their cooler bags and ice packs.  We could not determine whether Foodflo is involved in community give-back programs, but they are 100% plant-based, so major props for that!

Bottom Line: Is FoodFlo worth it?

Foodflo is a solid service for LA and OC county residents that are looking to try new plant-based dishes, eat healthy, and pH balance their bodies.

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