8 Questions NOT to Ask Vegans on Thanksgiving

Vegan man about to take a big bite out of a pumpkinIt’s Thanksgiving. Maybe you were a rock star and downloaded our Free Vegan Thanksgiving Cookbook. But, maybe you didn’t. And now you have vegan guests.

What to do?

You want your guests to feel comfortable, right? (If you answered “no” to this, you probably shouldn’t host a party). Fielding uncomfortable questions from meat eaters is one of the most stressful things for vegans during the holidays. We appreciate genuine curiosity, but we don’t want to feel like we need to defend ourselves.

We got your back. Here are 7 questions not to ask the vegans at your table.

1. It’s Thanksgiving. You really aren’t going to eat any turkey?

We get it. You spent hours preparing dinner, and that can be stressful. Know what’s more stressful? Feeling like your personal beliefs are insulting to your host.  Remember that lifestyle choices, like veganism, are deeply personal. When a guest declines turkey, it has nothing to do with you, or your grandmother’s secret gravy recipe.

2. But how do you celebrate? It’s not Thanksgiving without turkey.

The tradition of Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. We vegans also like to give thanks, coming together with friends and family, and express gratitude. We celebrate with endless options for meat-free dishes. Want to know a secret? Our meat-free dishes do not leave us feeling tired, uncomfortable, and bloated.

And just in case you’re tired from all of the party prep, you might be confusing Thanksgiving with the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy does not come unless there is a lost tooth. Thanksgiving still arrives whether there is a turkey in on a plate or not.

3. Oh, so you must like Tofurkey then?

Don’t assume that all vegans like meat alternatives. In fact, many vegans adopt a plant based lifestyle specifically to avoid processed foods and allergens.

4. I could never give up dairy. Don’t you miss cheese?

No, we don’t, because we do not support the inhumane practices of the dairy industry. An interesting thing happens when you cut out dairy from your diet—you don’t crave it. Here’s a fun party fact that will show your guests that you have all of the smarts.

Cheese has casein and casomorphin (casein fragments). Casomorphins are morphine-like compounds that are derived from casein. Are these names starting to sound familiar? So, yeah. That’s why you “can’t give up cheese.”

5.What about bacon? I love bacon.

You almost caught us—still a vegan, still don’t eat meat. We do not differentiate between species of animals when it comes to suffering. Please do not follow up with a response about your favorite bacon dish or how often you eat it.

 6. But don’t plants have feelings too? They were killed so you can eat them.

That ONE person at the party that insists on haggling anyone and everyone. We get it. You think you’re funny, but poking at our ethics is not. Plants do not have a central nervous system. So, no. They don’t feel pain.

7. Isn’t it hard? It must be soooo hard.

It is hard when we feel we need to justify our dietary choices. Whether it’s for ethical or health reasons, we do it because we want to do it. The supportive community and abundance of resources makes it a unique and fulfilling journey.

8. Do you want the Brussels sprouts? They’re vegan. We cooked them in butter.

Hopefully, you will inform your vegan guests of all ingredients prior to eating. We really appreciate your effort and cheers to you for trying! However, butter is not vegan. It is an animal product. A great substitute for butter is olive oil. It’s healthier and allergy friendly as well.

Have a Very Vegan Holiday

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