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Coyo Taco Wynwood Miami

Coyo Taco Wynwood Miami

Feeling artsy and hungry at the same time? Story of my life. Exploring Wynwood can work up a serious appetite. Check out Coyo Taco. It is everything you would imagine a Miami Art District...

Bandit Coffee Co. St. Petersburg

Bandit Coffee Co. St. Petersburg

Rise and shine kids. Time to kick off your day with a little coffee. Love black and white, clean lines, and gourmet coffee? Bandit is your spot. St. Pete is booming with funky cafes....

Haslam's Book Store Inc St. Petersburg

Haslam’s Book Store Inc St. Petersburg

Nestled in the Grand Central District of St. Petersburg is the unicorn of all unicorns…. Haslam’s Book Store. A real, live bookstore. If you’ve watched a VHS, held a Discman, or know that TRL...

Alana's Coffee Roasters

Alana’s Coffee Roasters

Can’t resist something with my name in it. Check out this hip little coffee shop in Venice. They have vegan options, they carry Art of Tea, and they’re surrounded by badass street art. Can...